• Your voice makes a big difference

    You are the most important person in the health care system and Wellby™ is dedicated to ensuring that your voice is heard. When sharing your feedback through Wellby, you help to make it easier for you and everyone else in health care to communicate. You also help to reduce the likelihood of dangerous or costly mistakes.

    In addition, you can choose to share your feedback with your Care Coordination Team (your doctor and other caregivers who focus on keeping you healthy) so they can be more effective in their work. Remember that with Wellby your personal feedback is protected and remains confidential.

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  • How healthy is your state?

    Can a state really be healthy? Yes it can, according to the Congressional Quarterly, which each year ranks the 50 states based on a series of factors, including obesity, cancer rates, and the percentages of residents who exercise and have health insurance.

    The winning state – far in the nation’s north – earned outstanding marks for having the greatest percentage of adults who exercise, as well having the third-lowest infant mortality rate.

    Who were the winners and losers?
    How did your state fare?

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